Welcome to my Garden

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Hello. I think I’m ready to come out of hiding again. Maybe. Sometimes I want to burn everything down and run away. But I’ve realized that it just means, I need a break. Where would I run away to? The jungle. A forest. An island. Sigh. Since I can’t really do that, I’ve been building my own escape. Somewhere I can lose track of time, be alone, experiment and fail in private, forget about the pressure of a schedule and walk around without shoes.
Welcome to my garden. I never thought I would be that crazy plant lady on the block, but here I am. I’ve liked plants all my life. My apartment balcony was always full of them. Then we moved. And that’s when the obsession really took off. The past 2 years I’ve been turning a blank slate of a neglected yard into my own outdoor sanctuary. I’m growing everything from apples to zucchini. Herbs, every color flower and anything that smells amazing. I’m learning to start seedlings and make cuttings to start new plants. I really can’t wait to see what happens this spring as many of my older babies will be more established. Every season is different and plants seem to change their appearance overnight.

What Plants Teach Us

Gardening really has taught me a lot. When you start looking after them, you find that each plant has their own little personality. Even in the same species. There are some plants that have taken me several tries to grow. I still kill a bunch of them. Sorry guys. It’s part of the learning process. Get the watering right. Use the right soil. Talk to them. They like it. By the way, if you like plants or reading about them, check out The Secret Life of Plants. A little slow at times, but lots of eye opening and fascinating studies. In a way, plants are just like us. Roses need dead and damaged canes removed to make room for new growth. Bulbs need to rest in winter to store energy for the following spring. Trees have to set roots before they can gain height. They don’t rush. Everything happens when it’s the right time. Perhaps the most important lesson I need to remember. So all of this has inspired me to go back to the easel with what I’ve learned and give you a glimpse of what I see. Click here to see my latest paintings. If I go into hiding again, you know where to find me.