San Antonio Snowmaggedon Musings

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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you might recognize the picture below. This is the view of my garden from my studio window last week. San Antonio rarely gets snow in winter, let alone 3 inches of it! By the way that’s Boris- one of my studio assistants.


Since my day job is outdoors, I was out of work for a week. It gave me lots of time to ponder nature and get some painting done. One of the great things about painting is that you don’t need power to do it. Just daylight, paint and brushes. And a canvas. And ideas. Anyway…thankfully we never lost power or water here.

The Bad News…

The bad news is, I did lose a few of my precious plant babies. Some of my young citrus trees are probably not going to make it. All of my broccoli bit it. My roses were pretty pissed off. As beautiful as the snow was, it did not come without challenges. I guess that’s a bit like being an entrepreneur, huh? Your dream is so inspiring, but comes with plenty of obstacles.

One of my entrepreneurial obstacles is being consistent. I find that I can get a whole ton of work done for a while, and then I drop the ball. And then feel guilty about it. Bleh. I should take a lesson from nature. Nothing in nature blooms the entire year. And sometimes you get walloped with 3 inches of snow. But it’s ok to go dormant sometimes. Just keep going and eventually those blooms will come again. Right?

New Beginnings


Like these guys. Just one week after temperatures in the teens, the Daffodils are blooming. It’s like they’re saying “Don’t worry! Spring is on the way!”

Daffodils are one of the first perennial plants to bloom in spring and symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. They are also the birth flower for March. One of the ways I’m trying to get better at consistency is to give myself a monthly deadline. So this will be March’s painting subject.

I’m a little out of order, but I just finished January’s flower painting-carnations. I’m slowly getting all the progress pics on Facebook. February is iris, and I finished that in January, hah! But that particular painting is what gave me the idea of a monthly flower goal.

Look for the carnation painting on my website soon and prints will follow shortly. We’ll see what spring and summer brings.