I’m an Imposter

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I’m an Imposter

Have you ever felt like this? Imposter Syndrome is a term for people who have a fear of being “found out” as a fraud. The reality is that these people are often high achievers that tend to question every move, constantly asking if what they’re doing is good enough or if they are “ready” to do something.

imposterThey do their best to present an image of “I know exactly what I’m doing” while the little voice in their head says “what the hell are you doing?!” or “who do you think you are?”. The truth is, there is no such thing as ready, no one knows what they’re doing and that these fears only hold you back.

Le sigh. I feel this way more than I care to admit. I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject as I am making a major change in my business model. It’s not even really that big a deal, but to an imposter it is! The time has come for me to rework this website and cut out some things.You may have already noticed that all of my dance stuff has disappeared. Don’t worry, it’s just moving to a separate website and Facebook Page. Why? Both art and dance have become so important in my life and are getting so big, they need their own space now. I also want to make sure I’m reaching the right people.

So right now that imposter feeling is hovering around even though I know that this is a good decision. Stupid fear. Go away. What I’ve learned about fear and the Imposter Syndrome over the years is that you have to push all that junk aside and just do it anyway. Draw the weird ass dream you had. Agree to give a presentation. Apply for your dream job. Write a book. Even if you have doubts, you have to trust yourself and give it a try. It might turn out better than you ever imagined! So here goes.

I hope you’ll continue to follow me here to learn about art, painting and the creative life. If you would like to follow my belly dance career too, join me on my new website, sarabellydancer.com and make sure to like the new Facebook Page that goes with it. Until next time, Creative Peeps 🙂