How to Care for Your Artwork

careHow to Care for your Artwork

Take proper care of your new art and you’ll be sure to enjoy it for years to come. There’s a few things to know about caring for your new artwork. Light, dust, heat and humidity can fade or damage your fine art. Here are some basic tips to keep your artwork looking great!


•Do not hang artwork in direct sunlight, this can cause premature fading
•Avoid hanging work in cold locations, or in damp or humid locations such as bathrooms; excessive humidity can cause molding to occur
•Do not hang over a direct heat source such as a radiator, stove, vent, or a location too close to a fireplace


•Do not place anything on the surface of your artwork or lay the artwork face down on any surface
•To transport, put in a plastic bag first, then wrap with padding for protection
•Do not allow canvas paintings to lean against anything sharp (corners of chairs, tables, etc.) that could cause denting or tearing of canvas fibers
•Do not leave artwork in a hot car, especially in the trunk
•Don’t store paper in tubes, these often cause acid or staining damage. Unframed works in paper should be stored flat, between sheets of acid-free paper and cardboard


•When cleaning a glass-covered picture, never spray cleaning solution directly on the glass; instead, spray a dust cloth and then clean the glass
•Do not use water to clean your oil painting, if needed, dust with a clean, dry, soft brush
•Try not to touch the surface of a painting, oils from your hands can be difficult to remove; handle by the edges instead

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