A Campfire & New Work During Crazy Times

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I think I’m ready to come out of hiding again. Wait a minute…
Isn’t this what I wrote the last time?

Hope everyone is doing well. Since my last post, the world has turned upside down, eh? Thankfully, we’re doing alright here in our casita. While some of my side hustles have been on hold since March, my day job exploded with no shortage of work to be done! 

With everything going on, I decided to take my own advice from my last post- slow down where I could and focus on fewer things. When day job chaos started to taper off in June, I was able to give more time to painting again.

If you’re following me on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve already seen some of the new work I’ve been making. If you’re not, make sure to do so; I have a surprise announcement coming on the 15th! 

Not Quite a Flower

Here’s one of my newest pieces. A little different from the flowers you may have been seeing. This oil painting is a close up of the crassula or Jade plant variety called ‘Campfire’.


I love this particular little plant because of its fat, fleshy leaves. It’s also difficult for me to kill. The foliage is just gorgeous. It starts out a lime yellow-green and with sun exposure, the tips turn bright, campfire red! They are amazing for plant newbies and collectors alike. Anyway, I wanted to paint one.

More About the Work

Campfire is painted on an 8×10” canvas. It was fun trying to blend all the different shades of red and green without getting muddy. I chose a very deep blue-black as the background to really make the colors pop. So if you’re REALLY bad at killing plants, don’t worry. This one is for sale and guaranteed not to die. Wouldn’t it look cute in your new home office?


The original will be available on my website in just a few. Prints are also about to go live on my Fine Art America page. There’s also a ton of gift items available like coffee mugs, blankets, notebooks and yes, even masks. I’m working to get more items up soon. Stay tuned!